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Conversation In Teh Sky

Conversation In Teh Sky


Mario and Sonic: Changing Dimensions

This comic takes the classic Sonic/Mario crossover to a whole new level! A strange book... the book of ages, is a strange piece with an even stranger power. The power to stop time. It is said in legend, that you must hold the seven shadow stones to activate the book of ages. These stones have been scattered across the dimensions, and when Mario and Sonic realize they have the same quest, they put aside their differences and search for the shadow stones, across dimensions. A grave evil, however, is also searching for the shadow stones. Can Mario and Sonic find the shadow stones and open the book of secrets, or will it be too late? IMMORTILIZED FANS 1st. Don555 (7/26/11) 2nd. Ultimate the Hedgehog (7/26/11) 3rd. xVegitox (7/26/11) 4th. Advertisement (7/26/11) 5th. Prime (7/26/11) 6th. JoFro (7/26/11) 7th. Tanokki (7/26/11) 8th. The Dark Lamp (7/26/11) 9th. Transparent_ (7/26/11) 10th. Awesome Ollie (7/26/11) Game 1: Typholeon 34th. Zero (8/1/11) 50th. ClareSilver47 (8/9/11) Game 2: ShadowRock21 100th. 150th. 200th.


Hot and Upcoming

Wooo! Way to go Changing Dimensions fans!! You have successfully made this comic... HOT AND UPCOMING!!! Lookie on the front page, it's right there. We are number... 14 I believe. So, wooo! Thanks guys!!!

Posted by Plazmaz @ July 29th, 2011, 10:16 am
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